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What is the function of the clitoris?

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The clitoris is the center of sexual sensation in women. Though it is tiny in comparison to the penis, it has at least the same number of nerve cells and fibers crowded into its miniature proportions. It is a sexual time bomb with a short fuse. Actually, a pair of fuses. The labia minora, looking like misplaced rooster’s combs, are attached to the blood or prepuce of the clitoris. Pulling on them applies a gentle tug on the clitoris itself. As the labia are alternatively pulled and released, the prepuce slides back and forth over the head of the clitoris. As the gentle friction contineus the clitoris swells even more, making each tug even more exquisite.

How do the labia get pulled?

IF the vagina can be considered a cylinder and the penis a piston, the labia minora is a crankshaft. With each stroke of the penis into the vagina, the ends of the labia are pulled toward the vagina, drawing down on the prepuce and clitoris. As the penis is withdrawn, the labia are released and the prepuce slides back over the clitoris. At the same time the penis is massaging the labia, the vagina,, and the related structures. If everything goes right the result is orgasm….

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